Couture Creations 2017/18 Design Team Audition

This is my offering for my the Design team for Ultimate Crafts and Couture Creations.

Kaisercraft’s Pawfect Collection

This card I made for a class at Nicky P Papercrafts this year in May.



Use a stencil that features a stone pattern,tape to the top of some brick coloured card stock.  Mix some copper coloured pigment powder to embossing paste, then spread over the stencil and cardstock to make a textured background.  Once done, lift the stencil to reveal the new stones.




Use the Ultimate Crafts Ornate Window Die, to make the window, cut 2 dies cuts.  One from a black coer’dinations card stock, it is black colour on the outside and with another colour under, and then distressed with a sandpaper, to show a blue/grey core.  The other is a dark brown wood finish, from the backgrounds of the Pawfect collection.  Stick a piece of acetate in between the 2 die cuts to act as a ‘glass’ look for the window then and then stick it into place.  Choose a couple of die cut pieces to decorate the base, and a strip saying for the top.



Another background from the Pawfect collection on the inside with another embellishment.


A piece of black coer’dination card stock is embossed with the Pawfect embossing folder, then sanded back to reveal the different coloured core, and also to highlight the paw feature.  This dog was fussy cut from the Pawfect collection.  The edges and the glasses were coloured Ground Espresso Distress Ink.  Add a couple more embellishments.


This page was has a feature similar to the front of the card, but the stenciled background has been stamped with the pawprints, and used as a feature under the fussy cut Dalmatian, which is also edged with Ground Espresso Distress ink. Yes he is wearing glasses, these are a brad that I have heat embossed with gold embossing powder, to look cool on the dog, then stuck into place.  Another saying in place also.

A couple more backgrounds and embellishments to finish the card.  Enjoy!



Kaisercrafts Mint Wishes Collection


The pine tree is a background from the collection, using the snowflake dot stencil, tape it over the top of the cardstock and cover with embossing paste.  Mix the embossing paste with white pigment powder, and lots of white glitter.  Peel back the stencil to reveal the background.  Place the sentiment and baubles in different places. Back of card done.


Another beautiful background from the Mint Wishes collection, die cut the Christmas tree out of the centre of the card.  On a Piece of Glitter Foil, use the Go Press Foil Machine to foil the Hot Foil Stamp – ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’.   Foil with the Christmas Green.  Peel backing from the glitter foil, and stick onto a piece of acetate.  Place the background over the foiled image.  Add a light touch of glue around the edge of the cut tree, brush on microfine white glitter. The die cuts are also foiled with the Go Press Foil Machine using the Kaisercrafts dies, then die cut to shape.  Stick in place using glue.


Fussy cut pieces arranged and highlighted with glitter.



Foiled white card stock with this die then using the positive and negative foils to colour 2 of each making a total of four die cuts.  Fold all of them in half using a bone folder to give a good line to fold and fold with the foiled image on the inside.   Glue 2  outsides together, using green white green white as a guide.  Cut an arm’s length piece of nylon thread and glue to the centre of the 2 die cuts, now glue and stick the last 2 die cuts together, with the thread in the centre.  You should have a small sphere that can then be tied to the centre of the circle that has been die cut from the card and cover with 2 back grounds and glitter edges.


Ultimate Crafts Bohemian Bouquet

Another card for this year very recent, using foiling, die cuts, stamping and Distress Oxides.


Fussy cut background with corner punched edges for the sentiment. A bit of colouring for the background and edges with a tombow marker.


Foiled  with pearl translucent over Oxide Distress inks, and die cut with punched edges featuring the beautiful pages from the Bohemian Bouquet collection.


Foiled onto Gitter card and fussy cut. Die cuts from purple card and oxide distressed white card, then stamped and die cut.


Foiled Hot Press Stamp. with 2 colours.


Foiled with the hot foil stamp over background with Pearl Pink, which is translucent.


Foiled over a distress oxide ink background with light blue foil.



My (Weight Loss) Journey

It’s been just 2 months, I’m still eating healthy,  actually this has been a big learning curve for me, not only knowing what to eat and when, but also having exercise in my life. Wow the changes have been huge but once they’re there and maintained they become a part of my every daily routine.

Exercise is now a big part of my life. I have a Personal Trainer and have been with him now for these 2 months, seeing him every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6.30am.  Booked in originally for 20 sessions, which went by quite quickly.  Now booked for another 20 sessions. He has helped me immensely.

I started my first session with my Trainer, Colby Huggins from Ultimate Physique, 23rd February 2017.  I weighed in at 128.1kg, wow what a number, size 22 moving on out of this size, probably closer to size 24.  Very large, very unfit, very sad, but ready to change, Yes ready for CHANGE.  I Had to be ready.

I thought I could do this before back in 2011, hired Colby back then because I was told by my doctors to lose weight and exercise. Had a few sessions with him, but was very unwell, depression. Had to quit on Colby, and myself.  Changed doctors last year and he changed my medication.  I found I have ADHD, not so much depression. As of November last year I have been on new meds, and as of last month I am no longer on antidepressants, YES!!!!

Another new change in my life is Plexus.  I started Plexus at the beginning of March.  A range of Health supplements that are probiotics and prebiotics making me healthier from the inside out. They are helping me by stopping that awful bloated feeling and stopping me craving sweet things.  Fantastic. So having the cravings gone, controlling what I eat is now much easier.

Colby has taught me to exercise and sought out my diet.  At the beginning to get food and exercise into my life the right way, was so hard.  I thought, that after years of NO EXERCISE, that now I was exercising I could still eat whatever I wanted and lose weight.  No, I didn’t put weight on, but I didn’t lose weight.  Note to self,  Execise + Good Diet = Weight Loss!!!!

Food has been another hard thing to grasp. I have lost a bit of weight right now, but I also thought that eating a good breakfast would see me through the day until tea time.  No, it makes it much harder to lose weight as your body thinks you’re starving so it produces more fat to make you feel less hungry.  If you want to keep up the weight loss, small meals and often throughout the day is what you need.  I need this as I have tried all of these things, and when I know I’m working hard with the exercise, and not losing weight due to lack of food is so disappointing.

These learning curves have been necessary for me to become successful in my Weight Loss Journey, and Colby has been there helping me to understand my body for exercise and diet, he has helped me learn the right way to a healthier me.

It has not been easy, but I am enjoying my life much more now.  Friday, tomorrow, I will be going to deep water aerobics, which I have been doing for a little while now,  I walk my dog before I go, and after my PT Sessions I walk my dog as well.  I have been trying to make exercise a part of every day.  Who would have thought that I would ever enjoy exercise.  Colby documents all my progress for weight loss, fitness and the times I take whilst exercising.  I have improved since the start and am improving with every session. Thanks Colby, you are helping me get to be the person I’m meant to be!!!

Now to let you know the figures, February 23rd 2017 weight 128.1kg size 22. May 18th 2017 116.5kg size 18. That’s a loss of 11.6kgs.  I’m planning to be much fitter and healthier and closer to my goal by December 2017.  Watch this space for more updates.

Tips and tricks

I was in the process of cleaning up my craft room to get ready to make some  new cards and explore some of my great buys from last weekend, and previous things I haven’t yet played with. Some new stamp sets from Hero Arts, Altenew, some stickers from the Sticker Store and some dies from Creative Inspiration Live.

I found that my Stampmaster was quite grubby with Black ink from my Stazon ink pad.  So I tried to clean it with nappy wipes, no still dirty. Alcohol spray was my next try, no still there.  Eucalyptus oil, will always work when nothing else does, and it did. YES!!

Very grubby.

Yes it really works!




Glittering Die Cuts

I really like using my dies for different techniques, and one that I’m enjoying at the moment is using glitter with them. The first technique I like most is the stained glass look.  I have used this in 2 of my classes at Nicky P Papercrafts.

This is the Rainbow Lorikeet from Ultimate Crafts Stained Glass Collection. I used this in my card for the Island Escape Class.

This is the Chirping in the Eaves Die from Ultimate Crafts L’aquarelle Design Collection.  I have used this in my card for the L’aquarelle Class.

Here are the steps for you to follow.

1. Use a good quality white card stock at least 180gsm.

2. Cover 1 side with double-sided adhesive, I have used Couture Creations double-sided tape roll which is  12 cm wide.  The easiest way to apply is to unroll the adhesive with the sticky side up, then lay the card on top. After doing this press the adhesive firmly onto card, go over it with a plastic scraper.

3. I have used quick release paper to help the card come out in one piece.  Place the quick release paper over the adhesive tape side of card. The die now goes over  the quick release paper, now place into your die cutting machine ( Go Cut Emboss, Cuttlebug, Sizzix etc) and roll through.

4, Carefully remove from the machine, and remove the card from the die.

5.  Die cut the same die in black card stock. Make sure all the pieces are poked out and nothing is left on the back of the die cut card.

( I found I wasn’t as careful with the white card, one piece popped out.  To avoid this you could put the double-sided adhesive on the back of the card before you die cut it.)

6. Cover the back of this piece with the double-sided adhesive tape and press firmly on the back with a plastic scraper as in step 1.

7. Carefully remove the outline part of the cover sheet from the white card. Start with one corner, try to lift the cover sheet only, treat it as if it is precious silk and remove.

8. Place the black die-cut over the adhesive area matching it perfectly to where the cover sheet was.


9. Press firmly in place with plastic scraper.

10. Now we can remove the cover sheet of the areas you wat to glitter. Lift each piece with a pricker tool carefully, as if it’s silk.

11. Apply the glitter to the uncovered area.  Burnish with your finger, move your finger firmly over there glitter in a small circular motion. Brush off excess.

12. Apply your next colour and repeat the steps as in 11. Keep going until you have coloured your whole image.


Have fun and Enjoy!

My Journey

My food diary! Relax and go with the flow in the serenity of the sea!
Flying over Brisbane!

I have let you know that I have battled with depression, so now that I’m much better I’m starting to look after myself better. With my depression I found solice in food, my biggest crutch, and unfortunately I relied on food to give me pleasure or I wanted it to give me energy, so I could just live each day as an aware person. So hard to do when you are always so tired with absolutely no energy and no motivation to get up and move. Thank goodness for a great doctor and a change in meds has brought me to where I am now. I also reconnected with my Mums family and am so grateful to have them in my life again. They were my buoy to stop me from sinking into the void while just trying to live my life last year.  They helped me to find my love of craft, which never left really, but to be able to share a love with family and friends who have a common interest is so amazing. You really helped my find my mojo! Fast forward to January,  I tried for a job in a craft store, thought I would give it my all and take some samples of cards I had made during 2016 ( with family),  in the back of my mind I thought I  had no chance, but I had nothing to lose. Thanks Nicky, she hired me to teach others how to make cards, at Nicky P Papercraft, love this job.

I had also booked a trip to Brisbane to go to a scrapbooking weekend by Artdeco called Creative Inspiration Live, showcasing the new designs being released this year and being able to play with them while being shown new techniques by some very talented tutors. All of which I can take back to Nicky P Papercraft shop and teach to the lovely ladies.  Well this weekend is CIL, and I’m here in Brisbane, feeling like a child awaiting Christmas eagerly for tomorrow to arrive. Still very nervous when I try to do new things. I get flustered, and I did so today getting ready to leave for the airport, forgetting everything, but having a very beautiful and patient husband who helped me remember tickets case keys etc, thanks Ja!

I have been so busy this past fortnight trying to focus on a new job, but also putting a lot more focus on me & my health. I’m in the middle of my life with an overweight and frumpy body with a brand new attitude on life, yes I want to live and be me! A whole new me who can go out and accomplish anything I put my mind to, without my body holding me back!

I have signed up a Personal Trainer at Ultimate Physique Fitness Studio for 10 weeks, twice weekly at 1 hour sessions, so I can’t chicken out and prove to my self that I can do it. I had 1 session on Tuesday and another on Thursday, lost 1kg and loving this life.

I will also be trying a new health system to compliment the training to help me lose weight, keep fit and not have any excuses for going back to how I am now! I Want To Be Taut, Trim and Terrific. And I Will Be. This positive thinking really does work! You dream and you will do! Most of mine have already been accomplished, new job in the field I love, a craft weekend, without anyone to help me here, but I’m loving that I’m here and by myself doesn’t matter, I like my own company now, not scared any more, another big tick for me! Things are only going to get better. And I’m loving it!

My Makes

I have been having a little play with some of the new things I have bought from my numerous craft buys lately.  Altnew has some gorgeous stamps that you can layer to get some fantastic effects. I have bought a few of these sets, and haven’t used all of them yet, but this one called Garden Hydrangea is a favourite.





I made this card for my Aunt for her Birthday. She also told me she loves the colour blue, I thought she did, and I’m glad she does, I do too.


Couture creations has some fabulous embossing powders that have glitter in them as well as some vibrant colours, so I used this to colour and embossed the FOR YOU sentiment on the card.  I also embossed the middles of the flowers with a holographic embossing powder and embossed the vellum Hydrangea with white embossing powder. Great effects.

This is the stamp set I used from Altenew called Garden Hydrangea, a fantastic set of layering stamps.  Love this set.


Another card i made this month was a Valentine Day Card for my Gorgeous Husband.


I made this using a stamp set from Unity Stamps, the sentiment is from the Lighthouse set from Altenew, stickers from Hero Arts.  The Background was created by me using Tim Holtz distress inks, and cut with dies from MFT.  I coloured with distress inks also. I embossed with a clear embossing powder.


This is the stamp set from Unity stamps.

I love to create and these are just a couple of items I really enjoyed this month. I hope you like them as well.  Until next time…


My First Class

I have been very busy over the past 2 weeks, with school going back, picking up my daughter, trying to get back into a routine after the school holidays and also getting ready for my new job.  Designing cards for Nicky P Papercrafts.  I made five cards for the Enchanted Tea Party, and 3 were used for the class.

These 2 cards I did not use, but combined these to make a new shaker card, and I used the Burnish Glitter technique for the Bird in the background and the large Top Hat. A great start to my class, forgot to take a photo of the finished product, but it is on display in Nicky’s shop.

The class started at 9.30am, on Friday 10th February, by 11.00am we stopped for morning tea, then we finished putting this card together.

Enchanted Tea Pot

This is the 2nd card, another shaker card, with glitter and microbeads inside.  This is also a technique base card, and probably took another hour also to make, and with the class to be only 3 hours long, it took time to get this one finished.  I had a 3rd for my lovely ladies to make also.  We rushed through to get the base of it done so they could take it home, for homework.

Paper piecing card, making sure all pieces were handed out to all the ladies, and they all had instructions to finish card in own time.

I was very overwhelmed, thinking I might not be able to do this, and that I couldn’t relay the instructions properly, or they might not like what I had given them to make.   Then I was worried that there was too much for my lovely ladies to do during my class.  Well they all kept up with my instructions, and asked questions during the class for help, etc, and I think I was able to help all.  They were all very happy with the results of their makes, and would like to do my classes again.

Wow they liked the class, everyone was happy with all that they learned and they want more?  I still can’t believe it. So it must have been a success.  March will be busier, as I am planning to make more cards to teach in new classes, don’t quite know what sorts of cards they will be, but that’s what I’m doing in my spare time.