My Craft Room.

I have been in the process of tidying up my craft room for some time now, but I think I have finally reached a place where it is in a workable format.  I started this project 13th December 2016.   My Craft Room was not in use, as a craft room, for about 6 years, it had become my junk room for my craft supplies, and other things.

the mess 2
  My Junk Room  13/12/16

The mess start date 13/12/16



I have been battling against depression for such a long time, that I kept a lot of stuff in this Junk Room, probably a lot of rubbish, but none of it could be thrown out, just in case. In case of what I don’t know, I never found out, but kept nonetheless.  Some chairs and boxes have already has been removed from the room so I could get in.  I had to move everything out of the room, before I could start to clean it up, and moved into the hallway near the front door, entrance to my house.

Front Door and hallway Storage 14/12/16

The front door was blocked for a couple of days during the cleanup process.  There is also a new dining table, under all my stuff, that needs to go into our dining room.  That table has been there for 8 months or more.


I cleared the floor, vacuumed and mopped it as well. Moved some of the furniture around, so I could put in some more storage items.

I went to Ikea and purchased this great 5 x 5 box storage unit, yes I also had to put it together, I started it, and with the bribe of me cooking tea, my husband and son finished it for me.  Great huh!

The dining room has been my craft room for the past 6 months.  I have most of my paper crafting things in the dining room, and where did we eat our meals?  We ate in front of the TV, on the couch.  As you can see my craft stuff is all over the place in the dining room, on the chairs, table and floor, organised chaos.  Entertaining was something we did not do, shame of my home.  I took these photos just before clearing this area and with Christmas interrupting my progress, then New Year, and we had to go away at that time, so 4th  January  2017  was my restart cleaning of craft room.

My Dining Room Craft Free 9/1/17

Over the next week I ordered a big bin from the counsel, to get rid of all the junk we did not need. The table in the dining room was one of our things we threw out, along with all the junk I had been hoarding in my room.


I cleared most of the stuff away into my room and also into the hallway, but not blocking the door any more. I put most of the things into my new storage unit and around the place as neatly as I could.

With everything in the room, I still needed to organise things so I could move around the room to craft and also have easy access to my supplies.  January 9th 2017 and my craft room still needs some urgent TLC, but is workable at a push.

I went through all the stacks of files on my desk and threw out lots of paper. Stored my magazines in the magazine storage boxes, that were all empty, not anymore. Threw out most of the boxes I was hanging on to, just in case?   I also went through all my paper stash and reorganised the way it was stored. I went through my embossing powders and glitters, and put them into new containers.  Yesterday and today, 27th January 2017 I fixed my storage for my dies, embossing folders, embellishments, paints, pens, coloured pencils, ribbons, lettering stickers, rub-ons,  die-cuts,  etc. Still need to fix the storage for my stamps, but this is always a work in progress.

Dining room now

Dining room can be used again, even when my Husband does his paper work.  My craft room is great, I would love a bigger work space, but it’s what I have and it’s a much better area now!  I love it!

Using everything

This is where the power point is, my heat gun, laptop and music all get plugged in here.  In this space are my 2 dressmaking dummies and a nice 3 drawer trolley (from Ikea) to put my paints, crayons, markers and pencils in.


I have a 2 x 4 box unit which stores all the craft items that I’m not using so far;  jewellery making, sewing, dress making, knitting, crochet, fashion design course stuff ( I completed my Cert IV in 2014), and a few other bits.  My CD’s are stored in the boxes on top of the black unit as well.

Paper strorage

The 9 drawer unit I also bought from Ikea, I put my cardstock in it, it’s 28cm x 45cm, not the right size for 30cm x 30cm papers, but great for pre-cut cardstock, A4 card and scrap paper.  My Cuttlebug lives on top with my Paper Trimmer.  On the floor I have empty storage containers, in front of my filing cabinet.

Using every surface

On top of my Filing cabinet is my 30 x 30 storage unit with a couple more boxes, for 30 x 30 storage on top of that,  My Chameleon Pens are next to it as well.

Storage on desk

My Aunt found these great little jars, from the $2 shop, that all screw together, they come in 2 different sizes, small and large.  I have used the small ones for my glitter and sequins.  The large ones I’m using for my embossing powders, and flowers.  They all connect together with the screw top lid screwing into the base of the jar, and they are against the wall in the middle of my desk. There is various other bits on my desk as well, but in between the jars is an old DVD storage rack, a wire on from Ikea, I use this to keep all my 6″ x 6″ cardstock pads, and the odd papers I might be using at any one time.  My foam sticky tabs are on top of the stack of pads in a container. My desk is quite tidy at the moment, I’m not working on anything yet, until tomorrow.

This is my Craft room for now. It’s always a work in progress, if I update anything, I’ll show you.  I will show some of my storage solutions in detail at a later date, but for now this is it.





Author: Ann Babette's Crafts

Hi my name is Ann Davies and I'm an avid crafter who is extremely taken with Paper Craft at the moment. I enjoy most crafts and I would like to share my Crafting Journey with you.

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