My Journey

My food diary! Relax and go with the flow in the serenity of the sea!
Flying over Brisbane!

I have let you know that I have battled with depression, so now that I’m much better I’m starting to look after myself better. With my depression I found solice in food, my biggest crutch, and unfortunately I relied on food to give me pleasure or I wanted it to give me energy, so I could just live each day as an aware person. So hard to do when you are always so tired with absolutely no energy and no motivation to get up and move. Thank goodness for a great doctor and a change in meds has brought me to where I am now. I also reconnected with my Mums family and am so grateful to have them in my life again. They were my buoy to stop me from sinking into the void while just trying to live my life last year.  They helped me to find my love of craft, which never left really, but to be able to share a love with family and friends who have a common interest is so amazing. You really helped my find my mojo! Fast forward to January,  I tried for a job in a craft store, thought I would give it my all and take some samples of cards I had made during 2016 ( with family),  in the back of my mind I thought I  had no chance, but I had nothing to lose. Thanks Nicky, she hired me to teach others how to make cards, at Nicky P Papercraft, love this job.

I had also booked a trip to Brisbane to go to a scrapbooking weekend by Artdeco called Creative Inspiration Live, showcasing the new designs being released this year and being able to play with them while being shown new techniques by some very talented tutors. All of which I can take back to Nicky P Papercraft shop and teach to the lovely ladies.  Well this weekend is CIL, and I’m here in Brisbane, feeling like a child awaiting Christmas eagerly for tomorrow to arrive. Still very nervous when I try to do new things. I get flustered, and I did so today getting ready to leave for the airport, forgetting everything, but having a very beautiful and patient husband who helped me remember tickets case keys etc, thanks Ja!

I have been so busy this past fortnight trying to focus on a new job, but also putting a lot more focus on me & my health. I’m in the middle of my life with an overweight and frumpy body with a brand new attitude on life, yes I want to live and be me! A whole new me who can go out and accomplish anything I put my mind to, without my body holding me back!

I have signed up a Personal Trainer at Ultimate Physique Fitness Studio for 10 weeks, twice weekly at 1 hour sessions, so I can’t chicken out and prove to my self that I can do it. I had 1 session on Tuesday and another on Thursday, lost 1kg and loving this life.

I will also be trying a new health system to compliment the training to help me lose weight, keep fit and not have any excuses for going back to how I am now! I Want To Be Taut, Trim and Terrific. And I Will Be. This positive thinking really does work! You dream and you will do! Most of mine have already been accomplished, new job in the field I love, a craft weekend, without anyone to help me here, but I’m loving that I’m here and by myself doesn’t matter, I like my own company now, not scared any more, another big tick for me! Things are only going to get better. And I’m loving it!


Author: Ann Babette's Crafts

Hi my name is Ann Davies and I'm an avid crafter who is extremely taken with Paper Craft at the moment. I enjoy most crafts and I would like to share my Crafting Journey with you.

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