My (Weight Loss) Journey

It’s been just 2 months, I’m still eating healthy,  actually this has been a big learning curve for me, not only knowing what to eat and when, but also having exercise in my life. Wow the changes have been huge but once they’re there and maintained they become a part of my every daily routine.

Exercise is now a big part of my life. I have a Personal Trainer and have been with him now for these 2 months, seeing him every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6.30am.  Booked in originally for 20 sessions, which went by quite quickly.  Now booked for another 20 sessions. He has helped me immensely.

I started my first session with my Trainer, Colby Huggins from Ultimate Physique, 23rd February 2017.  I weighed in at 128.1kg, wow what a number, size 22 moving on out of this size, probably closer to size 24.  Very large, very unfit, very sad, but ready to change, Yes ready for CHANGE.  I Had to be ready.

I thought I could do this before back in 2011, hired Colby back then because I was told by my doctors to lose weight and exercise. Had a few sessions with him, but was very unwell, depression. Had to quit on Colby, and myself.  Changed doctors last year and he changed my medication.  I found I have ADHD, not so much depression. As of November last year I have been on new meds, and as of last month I am no longer on antidepressants, YES!!!!

Another new change in my life is Plexus.  I started Plexus at the beginning of March.  A range of Health supplements that are probiotics and prebiotics making me healthier from the inside out. They are helping me by stopping that awful bloated feeling and stopping me craving sweet things.  Fantastic. So having the cravings gone, controlling what I eat is now much easier.

Colby has taught me to exercise and sought out my diet.  At the beginning to get food and exercise into my life the right way, was so hard.  I thought, that after years of NO EXERCISE, that now I was exercising I could still eat whatever I wanted and lose weight.  No, I didn’t put weight on, but I didn’t lose weight.  Note to self,  Execise + Good Diet = Weight Loss!!!!

Food has been another hard thing to grasp. I have lost a bit of weight right now, but I also thought that eating a good breakfast would see me through the day until tea time.  No, it makes it much harder to lose weight as your body thinks you’re starving so it produces more fat to make you feel less hungry.  If you want to keep up the weight loss, small meals and often throughout the day is what you need.  I need this as I have tried all of these things, and when I know I’m working hard with the exercise, and not losing weight due to lack of food is so disappointing.

These learning curves have been necessary for me to become successful in my Weight Loss Journey, and Colby has been there helping me to understand my body for exercise and diet, he has helped me learn the right way to a healthier me.

It has not been easy, but I am enjoying my life much more now.  Friday, tomorrow, I will be going to deep water aerobics, which I have been doing for a little while now,  I walk my dog before I go, and after my PT Sessions I walk my dog as well.  I have been trying to make exercise a part of every day.  Who would have thought that I would ever enjoy exercise.  Colby documents all my progress for weight loss, fitness and the times I take whilst exercising.  I have improved since the start and am improving with every session. Thanks Colby, you are helping me get to be the person I’m meant to be!!!

Now to let you know the figures, February 23rd 2017 weight 128.1kg size 22. May 18th 2017 116.5kg size 18. That’s a loss of 11.6kgs.  I’m planning to be much fitter and healthier and closer to my goal by December 2017.  Watch this space for more updates.


Author: Ann Babette's Crafts

Hi my name is Ann Davies and I'm an avid crafter who is extremely taken with Paper Craft at the moment. I enjoy most crafts and I would like to share my Crafting Journey with you.

2 thoughts on “My (Weight Loss) Journey”

  1. Wow. Just putting it down on a blog is brave. Huge step forward, I am impressed with your life changes, so very happy you decided to go with Plexus and be on my team, wow, to your success, cheers Trevor


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