My Crafting Journey

My Blog is for me to share my crafting journey with all of you out there who simply love craft as much or maybe more than I do.  I have been crafting all my life, from crocheting and knitting with Grandma, Aunty, Mum and friends as a child. Moving on to art at school and enjoying drawing and painting as another hobby.  I painted animated characters on  panel board for my Aunt which she got cut up to make jigsaws for homeless children. I was in my early teens creating and really enjoying it at such an early age.  My best friend lived up the road from me and we crocheted big square blankets, to keep us warm in winter, another enjoyable pastime. Drawing and painting came back again as a big part of my life after I finished school, enjoying arts and crafts at TAFE. Printmaking, Etching, Design were some of the skills I learnt whilst there, loving every moment.

Work, Marriage and children take up a big part of my time, but while I was pregnant with my first child, I found my first card shop in a suburb called Subiaco.  It was called Inkquisite, great name, and they had classes to pick up ideas of how to make creative cards with some awesome techniques and tools.  Like printmaking but on a much smaller scale, Stamping oh what fun.  That was back in 1998, dabbled a little bit more when the kids were very young,  yes I have 2 children. This time I found Scrapbooking, and it’s the perfect outlet to label all the special child memories you collect over the years.  I went to crops, friends places, and enjoyed every moment. 2007 was a big crafting year for me, went to the first Scrap It at the Burswood convention centre, loved the whole thing, such fun, a crop that we paid an entry fee, and all monies raised went towards the McClusker Foundation to help out people with Alzeimers Disease.  Fun for all and prizes galore.

2009 finding myself very unwell, depression, but still unsure how to deal with the day-to-day workings of life, craft was still there to help me through each day, if only just a little, it helped.  When in hospital to deal with this problem, the doctors and nurses also promoted craft to help pass time. I found some new outlets, and some great new techniques, craft being a big part of my life in hospital.

Jump forward to 2016 and finding family that I am so Thankful to reconnect with, and finding out that they love the crafting I love, was a dream come true. With my family,  my craft,  and new doctors helping me during the year, I have finally woken out of my deep sleep to find that Craft is my Muse.  So now I would like to show others that Craft is a great weapon in the fight against depression, and a beautiful inspiration for all to enjoy.