Joining the Team

I’ve been busy for the past few days, dropping my daughter off at friends places for sleepovers, trying to organise my craft room, dropping my son off to friend get togethers, catching up with my brother and his beautiful partner, while in Perth, having a craft making day with my lovely Aunts, and off to a job interview. Wow what a week, so busy and not being able to stop.


I’m in the process of putting my craft room in order.  For the past 6 months I have been using my dining room as my craft room and there has been boxes of crafting supplies around me on the floor next to my chair, and by Christmas my craft supplies were nearly overflowing into the other rooms. Now my craft room has been cleared, and I have bought some storage solutions from Ikea.  I have cleared away everything from my dining room and am in the process of putting things in order in my newly refurbished Craft room.

A post on the “My Favourite Things” Facebook Page by Rebecca Commons asking ” if there is an app to keep inventory records/database, so if I want to make a card and typed in flower or baseball, it would show all the items in my stash”. So I read through all the posts for this subject and found out that the most common app that everyone was happy with is called ‘Evernote’.  I’m now trying this app, so if and when I have worked it all out I will share this with you. If you want to learn more, search the MYT facebook page for Rebecca Commons’ post.


I replied to a newsletter sent to me in my email, looking for someone who is creative to help out in her store, to join her team. I went on an interview today, I took some samples of my work along with me, and after me gushing with such happiness about my love for craft and all the techniques I love.  An hour or so later,  I was so happy and excited to be employed,  doing cardmaking as a job, is a dream come true.  I am now part of the Nicky P Papercrafts team. So I will be showing more things to do with my new job, on this blog as well. Sharing the rest of my journey with you. It’s going to be a lovely ride for me and I hope you enjoy it too!