Glittering Die Cuts

I really like using my dies for different techniques, and one that I’m enjoying at the moment is using glitter with them. The first technique I like most is the stained glass look.  I have used this in 2 of my classes at Nicky P Papercrafts.

This is the Rainbow Lorikeet from Ultimate Crafts Stained Glass Collection. I used this in my card for the Island Escape Class.

This is the Chirping in the Eaves Die from Ultimate Crafts L’aquarelle Design Collection.  I have used this in my card for the L’aquarelle Class.

Here are the steps for you to follow.

1. Use a good quality white card stock at least 180gsm.

2. Cover 1 side with double-sided adhesive, I have used Couture Creations double-sided tape roll which is  12 cm wide.  The easiest way to apply is to unroll the adhesive with the sticky side up, then lay the card on top. After doing this press the adhesive firmly onto card, go over it with a plastic scraper.

3. I have used quick release paper to help the card come out in one piece.  Place the quick release paper over the adhesive tape side of card. The die now goes over  the quick release paper, now place into your die cutting machine ( Go Cut Emboss, Cuttlebug, Sizzix etc) and roll through.

4, Carefully remove from the machine, and remove the card from the die.

5.  Die cut the same die in black card stock. Make sure all the pieces are poked out and nothing is left on the back of the die cut card.

( I found I wasn’t as careful with the white card, one piece popped out.  To avoid this you could put the double-sided adhesive on the back of the card before you die cut it.)

6. Cover the back of this piece with the double-sided adhesive tape and press firmly on the back with a plastic scraper as in step 1.

7. Carefully remove the outline part of the cover sheet from the white card. Start with one corner, try to lift the cover sheet only, treat it as if it is precious silk and remove.

8. Place the black die-cut over the adhesive area matching it perfectly to where the cover sheet was.


9. Press firmly in place with plastic scraper.

10. Now we can remove the cover sheet of the areas you wat to glitter. Lift each piece with a pricker tool carefully, as if it’s silk.

11. Apply the glitter to the uncovered area.  Burnish with your finger, move your finger firmly over there glitter in a small circular motion. Brush off excess.

12. Apply your next colour and repeat the steps as in 11. Keep going until you have coloured your whole image.


Have fun and Enjoy!